February 22, 2018

Workshop Format

1 day workshops

  • Are designed for all members of the public wanting to learnt TRE for their own personal ongoing use or find out about this revolutionary approach to working with stress and trauma
  • During the workshop attendees will be given essential information about the way stress and trauma are processed and stored in the body as well as an understanding of the TRE process
  • Participants will be guided through the exercises twice on the day to ensure they are able to successfully use the process at home on their own


3 Day Module 1 Workshops

  • Are designed for a) members of  the public who want to deepen their experience and understanding of TRE or who wish to learn how to teach TRE to family or friends and b) health professionals and therapists seeking to gain professional certification to teach TRE to individuals as part of their work
  • The 3 day workshop covers the neuroanatomy of stress and trauma in more detail, personal experience of the TRE process twice daily, practical work including teaching TRE to other participants and information and training on key issues for teaching TRE to clients.
  • On completion of this workshop, participants will be required to complete a further Module 2 workshop, plus supervision, journalling and reading requirements- see the certification Training page of this website (see http://traumarelease.co.nz/professional-training/ for more information).

The 1 day workshop is the same as the first day of the 3 day Module 1 workshop.