December 20, 2014

Upcoming Workshops

TRE Workshops – 2014:

We have already run our training workshops for 2014: We hold two Module 1 TRE workshops per year, one in the North Island and one in the South Island.  This year we ran training workshops in  Auckland and in Wanaka. Workshops in New Zealand are presented by TRE Certifying Trainer Stephanie Combe and TRE Level 2 Trainer Annette Ashton. Details below.

Please note: We have recently been advised by TRE, LLC that the TRE Professional Certification programme is changing and there are new training requirements from July 2015.  Anyone currently in the old training programme and completing their TRE Training before this date will still be able to gain certification under the current system.

Personal Development Investment:

One Day Workshops $169 earlybird, $199 thereafter

Module 1 Workshops (open to anyone who wishes to attend) $499 earlybird,  $599 thereafter

Module 2 Workshops (only open to those registered on the TRE Certification Training Programme)

You may  re- attend any  workshop days and may be eligible to gain supervision hours credits, please contact steph at for the re- attendance information.

If you have previously attended a one day training in the last 6 months, you may also attend just day 2&3. Although re-attendance at Day 1 is recommended if you wish to continue with certification as a TRE Trainer, contact Steph at for more information.

Professional Associations Allocating CPD Points

Osteopathic Council:

The one day course has been awarded 6 CPD points, the three day 18 points by the Osteopathic Council.

2015 Workshops

Please email Steph on to register your interest for any of the following workshops in 2015

Module  2 (Old Level 2) Training workshop will be in Wanaka. To register your interest please contact Steph Combe on

Dates: 28th February to 2nd March 2015

Venue: TBA


Saturday 28th February- 0830-1700

Sunday 1st March 0900-1700

Monday 2nd March- 0900-1600

Further workshops 2015

Introduction to TRE  Auckland 16th May

Module 1 Auckland 16-18th May

Introduction to TRE Wanaka 8th August

Module 1 Wanaka 8- 10th August

Module 2 Wanaka  28-30th November




For a summary of the different types of workshop, visit our workshop format page, or see below.

Module 1 workshops are open to all members of the public.

All members of the public are able to attend the  Module 1 trainings in order to deepen their experience and understanding of TRE or to learn how to safely lead family and friends through the exercises.

Those seeking certification to teach TRE to others on a professional basis  are required to attend a three day Module 1 workshop and a three day Module 2 workshop. They will also  have additional requirements on top of the workshop training days including journalling, reading, supervision and application fees. For full details of the additional requirements for Certification, please visit ‘certification training’.

Attending local workshop as first day of level 1 training

As a 1 day public workshop is the essentially the first day of  3 days of  Module 1 training, it is possible to have attended the first day elsewhere and attend the last two days of the of  Module 1 training. Please contact Steph for further information about this.

Precautions to performing TRE/attending workshops

Please contact Stephanie at if you have any concerns about your suitability to perform the TRE exercises in a workshop setting, such as severe physical  injury or health conditions, mental health conditions requiring medication or if you are concerned about the way you may respond to the trauma release process.

Please note (as a precautionary measure only), pregnant women are not advised to perform the exercises but are suggested to attend in order to observe others and learn TRE so they can be used as soon as possible after birth.

What to bring to the workshops

Participants are required to bring a water bottle, wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a thick yoga mat and blankets to all workshops to comfortably lie on a wooden floor for up to 50 minutes. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided with BYO lunch or cafes/shops available nearby.


Privately sponsored workshops for groups and organisations:

Introductory workshops for groups and organisations are available to learn the TRE process as a stress and trauma self management tool. These workshops can be fully sponsored or organised on a per person basis with a minimum number requirement.

If you are interested in hosting a 3 hour workshop for your group, clients or organisation, please contact Stephanie here

Through your warmth, friendliness and openness, and the clarity and professionalism of your facilitation, you created a very safe environment in which we could allow ourselves to fully experience the exercises and tremors.  Afterwards, I felt calm, relaxed, centred, grounded and my mind was still and peaceful (something that happens rarely!)”

Leigh Ford, Counsellor

3 Hour Introduction to TRE Workshop Outline

The 3 hour workshops (currently only available to groups or organisations hosting/sponsoring their own workshop) will cover:

  • Physiology of stress, tension and trauma
  • Physiology and benefit of neurogenic tremors
  • History and development of  TRE
  • Guided experience through the TRE process (1 hour)
  • Personal and professional use of TRE
  • Outline of certification process to teach TRE to others

Participants are required to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle and a thick yoga mat and blankets to comfortably lie on a wooden floor for up to 45 minutes.

Introductory 3 hour workshops will be credited towards supervision requirement for TRE certification training.