February 22, 2018

Occupational Health

Easily taught to large groups  in 3-4 hours

As TRE’s can be easily taught to large groups of 30 or more staff  in a simple 3-4 hour training session,  TRE is an extraordinarily efficient and cost effective way of improving staff resilience and an active approach to the management  of stress, tension, conflict and trauma in the workplace.

  • On reflection of today’s workshop: thank you again! Everything from your thorough and clear emails to your concise, light, engaging and enjoyable delivery of the relevant information and directions of TRE and your genuine caring interest in questions and participant feedback – so refreshing! It’s obvious you put in that ‘extra’ energy, enthusiasm and rapport creating a really good atmosphere for us all to get the best experience of this wonderful exercise.  Much in my attitude to life has changed just in the 10 days since doing TRE (5 sessions.) Thank you very much.

Sue, Central Coast, NSW

Stress, trauma and injury prevention and management

As TRE is a body based release of the physical tension associated with stress and trauma and are effective in reducing and preventing low back pain, they offer a significant impact on the physical health and wellbeing of staff and offer a cost effective self help approach to the treatment and prevention of a range of common work place injuries and conditions.

  • “This workshop was the perfect blend of science, human experience and practical work with the technique. The workshop was very well balanced in theory v’s practice and well managed in terms of people’s varied experience physically and emotionally. Recommended – love to see it taught in schools!”

Rosemary Hirst, Hypnotherapist &  Physiotherapist, Canberra

TRE has been successfully taught to and used by emergency responders, trauma staff, paramedics, fire fighters, police, defence forces, prison workers, private corporations and teachers in a number of countries around the world and are a powerful body based tool that supports and significantly enhances traditional approaches to occupational stress and trauma management.

  • “Awesome process that is accessible and acceptable to the mind. I enjoyed the theory followed by the process and the experience. Great work.”

Kate, Child & Family Support Worker

TRE 3-4 hr Training Workshop Outline

The 3-4 hour training workshop will cover:

  • Physiology of stress, tension and trauma
  • History and development of  TRE
  • Physiology and benefits of neurogenic tremors
  • Guided experience through the TRE process ( 1 hour)
  • Ongoing personal and professional use of TRE
  • Outline of certification process to teach TRE to others

Participants are required to wear loose comfortable clothing and suggested bring a thick yoga mat or blankets to comfortably lie on the floor for up to 45 minutes.


If you are interested in a 3-4 workshop to provide this powerful  wellbeing management tool to your staff, clients or organisation, please contact online via our contact form here or at email info@traumarelease.co.nz.