February 22, 2018



Please note the TRE Professional Certification programme has changed. and there are new training requirements. Please email Leilani Smiler on smilertre@gmail.com  to register for one of the workshops.

Or click here: REGISTER NOW

Module 1 Training- Open to all

Auckland 23-25th September 2016


3 day Module 1 Workshop:  $599 . No Earlybird on this occasion.


Professional Associations Allocating CPD Points

Osteopathic Council:

The one day course has been awarded 6 CPD points, the three day course- 18 points by the Osteopathic Council.


Module  2 (Old Level 2) – Only open to those registered on the TRE Certification programme. We are offering two module 2 trainings in 2015:-


Smart payment options (discounts) are available for those on the certification/ training programme, please contact Leilani for information.