December 15, 2017

Certification Module 2

New Certification Process

Please note that for anyone now registering in the TRE Training programme, the requirements  have changed and TRE Certification is no longer broken into 2 separate  levels. There is one programme and you will be recognized as a fully Certified TRE Trainer at successful completion of all requirements. All those training as TRE Trainers must attend a Module 1 and a Module 2 workshop  and complete the supervision requirements associated with this.-See the overview of the training process under the Certification Process Tab

If you already have your Level 1 TRE Certification, you are strongly encouraged to complete Module 2 and the associated supervision hours (details to be agreed with your supervisor). This will enable you to attend personal development conferences around the world and fully participate in the opportunities offered within global TRE community.

If you are already a Level 2 TRE Certified Trainer, you do not have to complete any further initial training and you will short be re- listed as a fully Certified TRE Trainer.

The “Module 2” Stage of the process is outlined below and detailed on the Certification Process Tab

Attend a 3 day Module 2 Workshop
Continue journaling for 3 months minimum Minimum of 3 months between Module 2 workshop and assessment
Journal Review
11 sessions of supervision and an assessment.
Required reading ◦    Levine, Peter, (2010) In an Unspoken Voice. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California.◦    Scaer, Robert (2001) The Body Bears the Burden, Trauma Dissociation and Disease, The Hamworth Press, Birmingham◦    1 additional resource of your own choice relevant to TRE with the approval of your supervisor (must be a new resource and not credit for reading prior to the level 2 training)


Pre- requisites for Attending Module 2 Workshops

Module 2 workshops are open to

  • TRE Providers already holding ‘Level 1 TRE Trainer ‘ Certification under the old training programme
  • TRE trainees who have completed a minimum 4 hours supervision hours (doing TRE on their own) and attended their Module 1 workshop at least 3 months prior to the Module 2 workshop, under the new training programme

Other Full TRE Certification Program Pre-requisites:

  • You must be certified or registered through an association with a governing body that requires training in ethical and professional behavior if teaching TRE professionally
  • You must have appropriate insurance coverage to teach TRE  if teaching TRE professionally


Supervision Options & Locations

Module  supervision sessions can be completed at group supervision weekends, or individually with the supervisor present in person, via skype or by submitting of video/DVD  as approved by your supervisor. Please note it is recommended to use a wireless microphone for group skype sessions and DVD recordings so the supervisor is able to both see all the clients in the room as well as hear your interaction with your  individual clients.

Credit for Assisting at Workshop and Re-attending Training Workshops

Supervision hours credited for assisting at any TRE workshops as well as re-attending Training  workshops at a discount rate will be determined by your supervisor according to the size and number of groups lead as well as the level of competency achieved in order to ensure the most appropriate supervision process is followed.

Supervision Hours Record Booklet

Please note is it up to the trainee to track, record and show completion of the supervision hours. A supervision record for you to use to track your supervision hours is yet to be developed]

For more information regarding certification training, please contact New Zealand National Coordinator of TRE Training, Steph Combe via