February 22, 2018


If you have attended a TRE workshop and would like to help others’ access greater wellbeing through this profound process, please fill out a testimonial here

This film shows how TRE has  turned the lives around for at risk youth in Cape Town, South Africa.

Working with At Risk Youth in South Africa

You can also view testimonials from a range of therapists on Dr David Berceli’s website:

Video Testimonials

Testimonials from attendees at New Zealand and Australian TRE Workshops:

Thankyou to all of you who have provided feedback and testimonials, here is a small sample of some of your feedback:

  • “As a psychologist, I am so excited to have discovered Trauma Release Exercises. In my experience, sometimes the talking therapies do not go deep enough. TRE is a pathway into releasing stress and trauma in a simple and private way. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this process. It is deep and profound work. I intend to continue with TRE for my own wellbeing. I am also recommending it to my clients as a process that beautifully compliments other forms of treatment.”

Karin Hannigan, Psychologist

  • “This is a really easy and effective way of working with trauma release- I think anyone working with trauma would benefit greatly from TRE for themselves and their clientele

Peta Joyce , Postgraduate Cert in Mind Body Healthcare, AUT Mind Body Therapist and Trainer

  • “This workshop has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. One of the best I have attended. Richmond is a ‘great’ facilitator. Organisation of this space to a total healing vibration is to be commended and acknowledged to all involved (Steph and Annette)”.

Stephen, Body Therapist,  Auckland

  • “Just wanted to tell you that from Sunday to Tuesday I had no pain in my foot ever!  I walked around with slippers and socks and no burning or neural twitching –  I haven’t done that in years.  Awesome!  My hip seems to have calmed down and haven’t been booted out of bed in the morning by pain.  ….  Yay!  This is a first for 11 years!!!!…I am a very lucky girl to have gone on the course”

Auckland participant

  • “I found this workshop so interesting and helpful. Thankyou guys I will continue“.

Queenstown participant

  • “Having just attended the Auckland one day workshop for TRE, cannot emphasise enough the value of the exercises not only for therapists , but essentially for each and every one of us ordinary peeps! Soar on guys , it has been a huge revelation! Thank you!”

Auckland participant

  • “Approached with some trepidation – immediately dispelled by the clear, comprehensive and relaxed presentation instruction and gentle guidance- great tool learnt in a safe environment- thank you.”

Auckland participant

  • “Thankyou- a potential life changing experience”

Queenstown participant

  • “This has been an extraordinary experience and I am excited about the doors it has opened.”

Auckland participant

  • “It (TRE) is like a new friend that I can truly rely on”

Sharon Mullan, Dip of Counselling & Communication, EFT, SET practitioner

  • Before doing TRE I would wake most mornings, approximately 90% of the time, with awful anxiety. Now hardly ever! This change alone is so wonderful. I also find I’m not as anxious around others – I actually enjoy others company much more. Over the past 20 years I have experienced, and given100% involvement, to many, many processes/counseling, etc. These have included: Hypnotherapy, NLP, many psychology sessions (EMDR, TFT, TAT, etc.) counseling, Rebirthing, Polarity therapy, Past Life regression, Crystal healing, Reiki, Bowen therapy, NET…..phew! I’ve been around! However, the TRE sessions have been the most profound. TRE just made so much sense. And the lovely ‘side effects’ of being more present and focused with others and feeling ‘freer’ to accept their love & kindness in return. One more thing, I’ve also noticed how I’m not ‘running away from myself’ as much, and if I start to, I recognise & acknowledge what I’m doing.  Awesome discovery – ‘cause this vehicle of mine was running outa fuel very fast!

Sue, Central Coast, NSW

  • “I’m passionate about people and healing people, so for me and all the things I’ve tried, this has been the most profound in terms of moving the energy out or moving through the energy –it’s amazing. If I could pass that on to my clients, and they could release  their trauma, and if they could actually take charge of their own body and their own emotions through this modality – how great is that?”

Christine, Bowen Therapist

  • “I was unsure about starting the exercises as I was experiencing acute pain in my sacro-iliac region… I went ahead, carefully. I was amazed at the result – the shaking movements were very specific and patterned, reminding me of a supercomputer processing at high speed, and afterwards my pain was considerably reduced, and my posture and mood much more at ease and less effortful… I have been on Workcover for trauma since early last year, and I’d like to send info to the medical panel members who saw me in April.  What a difference this kind of work could make to that industry! Goes beautifully with biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I saw my psychologist this morning and she said that I looked really well – not at all how I was at lunchtime yesterday, [before] the [TRE exercises]DVD arrived.”

Hilary Stripp,  46yo,  Disabilities Instructor and Craniosacral Therapy Student

  • “This workshop was the perfect blend of science, human experience and practical work with the technique. The workshop was very well balanced in theory v’s practice and well managed in terms of people’s varied experience physically and emotionally. Recommended – love to see it taught in schools!”

Rosemary Hirst, Hypnotherapist, Physiotherapist, Sydney

  • I got the book & video [David Berceli’s TRE] and started doing the exercises with my partner. I don’t think I actually realised how gently powerful these exercises are in releasing stuff. OK when the tremors happen you know something is shifting and it feels good. This has to effect the whole, the more we all do this sort of work and release trauma trapped in our body the better the whole planet will be. I believe this work is fundamental at where we are on the planet right now, the more we can move from stress, restriction, pain & suffering to love and wholeness the better! Thank you!

Lisa Sutherland-Fraser, 50, PA to Surgeon

  • Earlier on the day, I had completed a Pilates class, then went along for an oesteo appointment with some right side alignment problems. (pains in my right shoulder, and my right hip which I have had for 3 months and tried a number of things to fix, though nothing seemed to be working.) When the session first started, I was sitting on my mat, on the floor and couldn’t get comfortable, with my hip still aggravating me. After completing the exercises, which was an amazing feeling, we sat back up on our mats for a discussion and to my amazement I no longer had any pain in my hip. (I did keep moving around to find it, but it wasn’t there.) In the couple of days that followed, the pain hasn’t returned to my hip or shoulder. I am so happy that I have been introduced to these exercises and will continue to do them. Thank You

Carolyn Gray, Pilates attendee

  • “Long flights and stress are just part of the job in the international consulting game. I have found TRE is great for releasing tension stored in the body, letting me regain energy and focus. What makes TRE outstanding is that I can use it anywhere without equipment or outside help. I thoroughly recommend TRE to anyone in a stressful job away from home.”

Peter Hannigan, Managing Director,Skills Futures Pty Ltd

  • “I found this an easy technique and I feel changed. I like body based activity that releases, strengthens or heals. TRE seems to be a way to allow the body to do what’s natural. I look forward to do more. Thanks Richmond – a great morning.”

Nicole, Children’s Support Worker – Family Violence

  • “Awesome process that is accessible and acceptable to the mind.”

Kate, Child and Family Support Worker