February 22, 2018

Health Professionals

As the importance of the body in the treatment and prevention of stress and trauma is becoming more recognised, around the world a wide range of health professionals are integrating TRE into their practice including psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, core energetic therapists, social workers, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, life coaches, pilates instructors, body workers and yoga teachers.

  • “As a psychologist, I am so excited to have discovered TRE. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this process, it is deep and profound work. I am recommending it to my clients as a process that beautifully compliments other forms of treatment.”

Karin Hannigan, Psychologist, Brisbane

TRE can be taught to individual clients as part of their normal consultation,  as a stand-alone workshop for groups of clients or easily integrated into exercise, pilates and yoga classes. It is an effective sports recovery tool and a powerful adjunct to support the effects of manual techniques and home exercise programs.

  • “I’m passionate about people and healing people, so for me and all the things I’ve tried, this has been the most profound in terms of moving the energy out, or moving through the energy –it’s amazing. If I could pass that on to my clients, and they could release their trauma, and if they could actually take charge of their own body and their own emotions through this modality – how great is that?”

Christine, Bowen Therapist, Sydney

TRE is an especially valuable tool for ‘talk based’ therapists, such as counsellors as it provides a powerful, body based, physiological adjunct to their treatment of psychological conditions by significantly reducing the impact of stress and anxiety on their clients’ progress.

  • “This workshop was the perfect blend of science, human experience and practical work with the technique. Recommended – love to see it taught in schools!”

Rosemary, Hypnotherapist/Physiotherapist, Sydney

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  • “Afterwards, I felt calm, relaxed, centered, grounded and my mind was still and peaceful (something that happens rarely!)”

Leigh, Counsellor, Victoria

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