February 22, 2018

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Certified TRE Practitioners in New Zealand

If you are looking for at TRE practitioner in New Zealand, to be sure that your TRE Practitioner is qualified to teach TRE and has been through the certification and training programme, please only see trainers who are listed on this website .

Certified TRE Supervisors

Steph Combe

Certification Trainer
Location: Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand
Email: steph@bodyresilience.co.nz
Bio: download


Annette Ashton

Level II: Supervising Level I trainees
Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Telephone: 09  488 0662
Website: www.traumarelease.co.nz
Email: toads@ihug.co.nz


Leilani Smiler

Leader Community TRE
Location: Masterton,  NZ

Certified Level II TRE  Practitioners in the South Island

Level II

Patricia Greenhough

Level II
Location: Nelson, South Island, New Zealand
Telephone: 03 541 8122
Website: www.lifetimelearning.co.nz
Email: patricia@lifetimelearning.co.nz
Bio: download

Kathy Hughes

Level II
Location: Christchurch New Zealand
Telephone: 03 352 2673/ 022 650 7896
Email: koruqi@gmail.com
Website: www.koruqi.com
Bio: download


Lynette Mills

Level II
Location: Mosgiel, Dunedin New Zealand
Telephone:  03 489 3677
Email:  lynettemills12@gmail.com
Website: www.mosgielholisticcentre.co.nz


Certified TRE Level 1 Practitioners in the South Island
Jackie Pratley

Level I
Location: Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand
Telephone: 0274 697 113
Website: www.pilatesoneonone.co.nz
Email: jackiepratley@xtra.co.nz
Bio: download

Fiona Young

Fiona Young

Level 1
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Telephone: 03 376 4588/  021 186 2006
Email: help@stressreleasephysiotherapy.co.nz
Website: www.traumarelease.co.nz
Bio: download

Iona Winter

Iona Picture

Level I 
Location: Karitane, Otago, New Zealand
Website:  www.ionawinter.com
Email: ionawaitaha@gmail.com

Juanita Benson

Level 1
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Email: ourplacejuanita@hotmail.com

Mary Lithgow

Level 1
Location: Nelson, New Zealand
Email: mary.lithgow@gmail.com


Liz Malushnig

Liz Malushnig photo

Level 1

Location: Wanaka, New Zealand
Telephone: 0274334520
Email: lizmaluschnig@gmail.com
Bio: download

Rose Mackinnon
Level 1
Location: Mosgiel, New Zealand
Telephone: 021 1596715


Certified TRE Level II Practitioners in the North Island
Ans Olislagers

Level II 

Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Telephone: 09 817 7099
Website: www.yogawithans.com
Email: ansoli@ihug.co.nz
Bio: download

Certified TRE Level I Practitioners in the North Island
Chris Toal

Level I
Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Telephone: 09 638 9995
Website: www.wellnessatwork.co.nz
Email: lyndajenkins@live.com
Bio: download


Lynda Jenkins

Level I 
Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Telephone: 027-489-8003
Email:  lyndajenkins@live.com


Other Certified TRE Level 1 Practitioners in the North Island

Charlotte Bell: Auckland

Janet Redmond: Auckland

Miro Zaleta: Auckland

Brenda Wille: Auckland

Sonja Kaye: Auckland

Louise Ihimaera: Hamilton

Frances Smiler- Edwards: Hastings



Certified TRE Practitioners in Australia

Richmond Heath, Executive Director, TRE Australia
Level III
Location: Warrandyte, VIC, Australia
Telephone: +61 (0)409 357 964
Website: www.trauma-release-exercises.com.au
email: treaustralia@hotmail.com
Bio: download

For a full list of trainers in Australia, visit www.traumareleaseexercises.com.au, and for other parts of the world, visit the International TRE Website www.traumaprevention.com