February 22, 2018


TRE can benefit anyone who is experiencing emotional stress, physical pain or chronic tension in their body. TRE promotes better sleep, improved energy and endurance while reducing stress, physical tension, muscular pain and general worry and anxiety.

TRE is beneficial for helping the body to let go of tension patterns that have built up following a physical or emotional trauma as well as for physical complaints such as low back, hip and pelvic pain, as most are either caused or exacerbated by chronic stress and tension in the body.

TRE can be used as an effective sports recovery process to decrease the lingering effects of heavy training and post competition tightness as well as helping athletes to perform from a more relaxed base line.

While some people find the exercises immediately invigorating, giving them an instant burst of energy to get through the afternoon or kick start their day, many others find them deeply relaxing and use them to promote deep and restful sleep for the first time in years.

TRE is a powerful tool to relax the mind after stressful days at work or in times of conflict by bringing greater ease and emotional  balance to the situation.

As TRE is a process that can be used on an ongoing basis to gradually release the body’s chronic holding patterns over time, most people will experience ever greater freedom, grace and ease in their body resulting in a more positive outlook and greater psychological and emotional stability.

One of the benefits of TRE is it helps people feel more calm, relaxed, and grounded in their body in the present moment, rather than their thoughts of the past or future being lived out and experienced as a chronic physical tension pattern. TRE therefore provides many people with a  deeper connection with themselves and the present moment.

While usually learnt in a group setting, anyone who has experienced severe trauma or has concerns about how they may respond to the process should be guided through the trauma release process by an appropriately qualified health professional.

Examples of TRE tremors