February 19, 2018

About TRE

Our next workshops will be in Auckland 23rd to 25th September 2016. It will be run by Leilani Smiler and Mariano Perdroza. Please visit our workshops page for more information.

Follow this link to David Berceli’s website for an excellent summary of how TRE has helped others.

CTV interview with Dr Berceli  in Christchurch:

Click on the link to see an interview with Dr Berceli at workshops held in Christchurch (Dec 2011).
Below is a 6 minute overview of TRE from a documentary shown on South African Medical  TV.

What is TRE?

TRE® is a purely body based, physical process. There is no counseling, or ‘talk therapy’ aspect to it.

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) is series of 7 exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of tension. Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.

TRE®’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing.  After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being.


An explanation of TRE by Dr David Berceli

TRE NZ is a Franchise of TRE for All, a Not for Profit Organisation, based in the USA and founded by Dr David Berceli, PhD. All Providers of TRE listed on this website have completed the Certification Process designed and delivered through TRE for All.

This technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner.
Results may vary between individuals.

There are no guarantees, expressed, or implied.